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...A Fringe/24 crossover.

Posted in 24_fanfic

Title: …And Only One Of You, Chapter 3
Characters: Jack/Redverse Renee aka Rednee
Rating: R for mentions of death (sort of) and suggestions of sexual situations.
Summary: Jack begins to make a life for himself in the RedVerse.
Disclaimer: 24 and Fringe are the property of Fox.
A/N: I find myself caught between fandoms, hence the crossover. Thanks to leigh57 for the beta.

“You could be useful here.” Renee stated.

“I’ve done things. Terrible things.”

“You did what was necessary. Fringe Division needs people like you. People with your skills.”

By now it was late afternoon. The unfamiliar buildings were casting long shadows.

“What happened to this world?” Jack asked.

“We call it the Zero Event,” Renee said, “Twenty-Six years ago a breach was created between this universe and another universe. We’ve had breaches in the fabric of our own universe ever since. We don’t know how to stop it. All we can do is seal the rifts with Amber. And we’ve had our share of wars and terrorism.”

“And you think I can help you with your problems?” Another universe, another Renee asking Jack for his help. That’s how it starts.

“You can’t go dark as easily as you did in your own world, “Renee said. “Everyone is required to carry their Show Me cards. Every law-abiding citizen is registered. That’s why I initially viewed you with so much suspicion.

“Then I really can’t help you.”

“It can actually work to your advantage. The fact that you don’t have a double makes things much simpler. I can call in some favors. I can even contact Mr. Secretary. He can issue you a new identity. Create all the necessary documents. In return you’ll work for Fringe Division.”

“Why do you trust me?”

“Because she did.”

“I could be playing you.”

“But you’re not. I can tell. The things you’ve told me. The things you’ve done and the people you lost. No one could make those things up. If you’re not up to the task I’ll know soon enough, Mr. Bauer.”

“It’s Jack.”


Once he was granted his security clearance, Jack looked up everyone he had known.

He learned that Phillip Bauer only had one son. Mom must have left a few years earlier than she did in my world. Good for her. Jack thought.

“Bauer” was a common enough surname for Jack to keep it. He was glad. He had wearied of living under aliases.

If Teri ever existed, Jack could find no record of her.

No Teri meant no Kim, and no granddaughter.

Audrey was still married to Paul Raines. They lived in Washington and had two children. Jack saw absolutely no point in contacting her.

In this world Chloe O’Brian was Chloe Swartz. Chloe, Tony and Bill were all based in Los Angeles, working at an organization that was almost but not quite CTU. Jack found this oddly comforting. A bubble of familiarity, a touchstone to another life now fading into memory. He had no plans to meet them. If he did, what could he possibly say? Only a few carefully chosen people at Fringe Division knew where he came from.

Which version of these people were “real”? To Jack all the doubles were imitations, shadows of the people he had once known.


It had been a horrible night.

The breach had been small but sudden. It had opened near New York’s most respected children’s hospital. It had been impossible to get everyone out before the Amber was released. And now a handful of both staff and patients were sealed in Amber.

Children. That made everything worse.

Jack focused on the tasks at hand. After he checked the security of the perimeter, he found Renee, who was collecting statements from bystanders. After finishing her last interview Jack found her standing away from the others, tears threatening to fill her eyes.

“Are you okay?” Jack asked stupidly.

“No. I had to talk to the parents.

“I’m so sorry.”

Jack took her into his arms. It was a very professional embrace, a moment of comfort between two colleagues.

You'll find a way to live with it. Jack almost said. This time he knew better.

“Look, Broyles just gave us the rest of the day off. When we finish cleaning this up, lets get out of here. I’ll buy you breakfast.” Jack said. He had just gotten his first official pay and was strangely anxious to spend some of it.

“I don’t want to go anywhere public. All these people. We let them down. I don’t think I can face them. I just want to go home.”

“My place is closer.”


Jack,s new apartment had a clear view of the World Trade Center.

As soon as the got in Jack and Renee threw their jackets on the couch and removed their comms.

“I think I have some tea.” Jack mumbled as he went to fill the kettle.


He turned to face her.

It was impossible to determine who kissed whom first. The release of sexual energy was almost visible.

After a moment Renee pulled away.

“What’s wrong?” Jack asked softly.

Her eyes were wet again. “You want her.

Jack tucked a strand of brown hair behind Renee’s ear. “I want you.

Renee seemed to consider this.

He took her face in his hands and stroked her cheek with his thumb. “Renee, if you don’t want to be with me, that’s okay. Just…”

She kissed him. This time there was no ambiguity.

“Let’s go,” she whispered, motioning towards the bedroom.

“Wait a second.”

Jack drew the blinds, just to be safe.