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...A Fringe/24 crossover.

Posted in 24_fanfic

Title: …And Only One Of You, Chapter 4
Characters: Jack/Redverse Renee aka Rednee
Rating: R for mentions of death and suggestions of sexual situations.
Summary: Jack and Rednee grow closer.
Disclaimer: 24 and Fringe are the property of Fox.
A/N: I find myself caught between fandoms, hence the crossover. Thanks to leigh57 for the beta.

Jack made love to a ghost. Renee made love to a shadow.

Afterwards, they lay in bed, enjoying the relative quiet of the city morning.

Renee seemed pensive, even for her. She stared at the ceiling.

“You okay?” Jack asked.

“I’m fine. It’s just…There hasn’t been anyone since Larry and I got divorced.”

Renee rolled over to face Jack. Changing the subject, she traced a scar on Jack’s chest, fascinated.

”I don’t often see scarring like this. You could fix those with a few Nanite injections.”

“That what the doctor told me when I had my physical. I haven’t really thought about it.”

“That’s good. Too many people think that removing their scars will remove the memories.”

Jack wasn’t sure what Renee meant by that.

“I’m thirsty,” Renee said. “I’m gonna get some water.”

“Don't go. Please.” He pulled her closer.

She started to smile, then stopped herself. “I’m just going to the kitchen. I’ll be fine. There’s no sniper outside. I promise.

Renee kissed Jack once more, lightly. She got out of bed, pulling on one of Jack’s white shirts and fastening three buttons.

“Stay here.” She ordered.

She padded to the kitchen.

Jack sat upright in the double bed, pulling the white sheet around his lower body. He realized that his heart was pounding. His breathing was rapid.

He was so fucking afraid.

He waited for the phone, for a call from Lincoln or Broyles or Olivia. His team had been given the day off, but a new emergency could easily negate that gift.

Past performance is an indication of future results. That’s what it had said in one of Jack’s criminology textbooks.

The moment passed. Broyles had been true to his word. The rest of the day was theirs.

Jack leaned forward, gazing at Renee through the open doorway. Thanks to the closed blinds the apartment was fairly dark. Jack could still see how Renee’s long, toned legs stuck out from the white shirt as stood on her tiptoes and rummaged in the cabinet in search of drinking glasses.

She was so damn sexy.

If he hadn’t known another red-haired Renee, Jack would have been madly in love with the brunette version.

He lay back down. Suddenly he felt awful.

Jack realized that he now knew this Renee better than he had known the other one.This world’s Renee had her own baggage. Jack knew about her marriage to Larry, but there were so many other things, traumas she never spoke of.

The other Renee, the one he had pulled him from the Senate Hearings, the Renee he had known for two days was slowly fading from his mind. Jack was afraid he soon wouldn’t remember her at all. He felt he had betrayed her memory by sleeping with her double.

This Renee returned, holding two glasses of water. She took a sip from one glass, and then placed both glasses on the bedside table. She sat down on the bed, folding one leg beneath her.

“I think I just figured something out.” Renee announced.

“What’s that?” Jack asked.

“Why so many of us have doubles. In order for someone to have a double, her parents have to meet up at exactly the same moment. The mutual attraction must happen in both universes. If two people want to be together, they will be. It defies all math, all the law laws of probability. It’s really quite extraordinary”

“Yes, it is.” Jack agreed, uncomfortable with where this conversation seemed to be heading.

“If there was a Jack Bauer native to this world, I would have been with him. I’m sure of it. And you don’t have to feel guilty.”

“About what?”

“About how you keep comparing the both of us. About everything. Even the way we make love.”

Dammit. It was that obvious.

“I’m sorry,” Jack said lamely.

“Don’t be. I mourn her too. It’s like I lost the twin sister I never knew. There will always be three of us in this relationship.”

“You’re okay with that?”

“I accept it. You’ve seen this world, Jack. You’ve seen how the work we do is dangerous. You could lose me. I could lose you. We can only be with the people we have. While we still have them.”

“You’re right. Come here.”

Renee moved over, laying her head on Jack’s shoulder. He stroked her hair.

Renee had helped Jack make a life here. Despite the dangers, it could be good life. If he didn’t do anything too stupid.

Jack closed his eyes. He drifted to sleep, the world he had left retreating further into the realm of dreams.