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posted in 24_fanfic

Title: Jack Be Nimble
Author: marinw
Characters: Jack/Audrey
Rating: R for smut and sexual situations.
Summary: Set about six months pre Day 4. Jack and Audrey satisfy their desires.
Disclaimer: 24 is the property of the Fox Production Company.
A/N: I have reached the one-year anniversary of my LJ de-lurking. I am herby marking the occasion by writing some porn (?!), as it is one type of fic I haven’t tried yet, prude that I am. * blushes * Completely unbeta’d as sardonicynic must be wondering if I have it in me.

The expensive bottle of red wine had made them both randy.

They were barely inside the door of Audrey’s Washington apartment when Jack pressed her against the wall. Jack’s mouth tasted of rare steak and Boudreaux.

She immediately pulled off his suit jacket. He reciprocated by unbuttoning her blouse. Audrey realized that she had once again worn a black bra with a sheer white blouse. Why do I keep doing that?

By the time she got his shirt and tie off she realized that she had never seen this much of him before. She immediately saw the tattoos covering his arm. Her eyes went to the tear-stained face of a woman on his forearm. It was unsettling.

“What does that tattoo mean?”

“I don’t have time to explain,” he growled.

As he pressed his mouth to hers Audrey used her arms to explore his previously hidden torso, catching her long fingers his golden chest hair. Jack had – so far – been able to keep his civil servant’s stomach at bay.

When they finished the first round of kisses Audrey pulled back and admired the view. She noticed that Jack had some scars on his chest and abdomen. Jack’s eyes immediately changed their mood.

“I didn’t want you do see that,” he whispered.

“You’re still beautiful.”

Jack was beautiful. Why hadn’t she seen that before?

(During dinner she hadn’t been able to stop looking at him. She had fun trying to determine weather his eyes were blue or green, if his hair was receeding or if his just had a high forehead. How his broad shoulders and long legs made him seem taller and bigger than he was. Good things come in small packages.)

Jack replied by tucking a strand of Audrey’s hair behind her ear. They both started kissing again, even more aggressively than before.

Jack helped Audrey out of her skirt and Audrey reciprocated by undoing Jack’s belt buckle and pulling down his trousers and boxers. The piece of anatomy she reached for next was ready to go.

They moved into the centre of the living room. Jack lay Audrey on the corner of the dinning table. Their combined weight was too much, so the table tipped over, sending Jack and Audrey to the floor along with a pile of dishes. She could hear the crashing. Something was broken, but right now she didn’t care what it was.

Jack was kissing her navel and she could feel his stubble against her stomach. It tickled. She giggled and groaned at the same time as she gripped the protrusions of his shoulder blades.

He gripped the sides of her waist as his mouth traveled up her torso, kissing the flat area between her breasts and then her neck, By the time Jack reached her mouth their embrace was so tight Audrey felt that her internal organs might pop out. They rolled over a few times on the Persian carpet, half ignoring the shards of glass in their way as their bodies merged.


They had finally made it into bed. The sheets were a tangled mess about them. Jack was sleeping, face down and half-buried in the pillow and his mouth open. That face now looked shockingly innocent. She could make out the small, round shape of his buttocks through the white cotton sheet. She couldn’t resist giving them a quick pat. Jack didn’t stir.

Audrey’s body tingled and ached. She hadn’t made love like this in well, never, actually. Her last few times with Paul had been timid and apologetic. That wasn’t the main reason why they had separated, but it had been a factor.

Audrey thought of the toppled-over table and the broken dishes. Collateral damage. The next time Jack came over she would have to remove all the breakable objects.

Audrey smiled. There would be a next time. She was sure of it.