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posted in 24_fanfic

I have a TON of work to do, so naturally I am procrastinating by writing a little AU…

Title: Use It
Characters: Jack/Renee/Marika
Rating: R for violence
Summary: Day 7 AU
Disclaimer: 24 is the Property of the Fox Production Company.
A/N: Thanks to my beta, cybertoothtiger.

“If you ever pull your gun on me again, you had better be prepared to use it.”

“I was.”


“Help me or get out of the way.”

“Agent Walker, the car is gonna explode. There’s no time. Come on.”

“I gave her my word.”

Jack moved towards Renee, reaching to grab her arm.

He was stopped by a bullet, fired at close range. Renee had made her choice.

Renee had shot him in his left thigh, half way between the knee and pelvis.

He screamed as the pain exploded throughout his leg. Jack had known all varieties of pain: The pain of electrocution, the pain of broken bones and stabbings, the pain of acid burning through his skin, the pain of interrogation drugs, the pain of being hung from his wrists until both shoulders disolocated. There were a thousand ways to experince pain, and a thousand ways to describe it.

But there was nothing to describe the agony of a single bullet.

He fell onto the pavement. His hand went to cover the gaping wound in his jeans. His fingers were not enough to stem the gush of burgundy blood that spilled outwards onto the asphalt.

She probably missed the artery. Not fatal. I’ll be fine, he tried to tell himself.

But already his vision was becoming blurred as his head became light enough to float away from his body and the ground tilted.

Do not pass out. Passing out is not an option.

“Agent Walker…” he called out weakly.

Jack tried to stand, but his damaged leg folded beneath him at a grotesque angle and he fell back to the ground.

He had the strength - barely - to lift his head.

He could see that Renee was at the door of the crashed SUV, pulling at the torso of an unconscious, bleeding Marika. Marika was quite slender, as Jack recalled, so Renee should not be having this much trouble extracting the other woman from the car.

Her seat belt is locked. Or she’s pinned under something. Dammit…

The flames were moving over the roof of the car. Once they reached the engine, it would be over.

“Agent Walker. There’s no time. Please. I’m begging you.”

His voice was too weak for her to hear. Or, she was ignoring him.

I’m begging you…

The world shifted again. The ground shook with a new explosion. Jack pressed his face against the pavement, smelling the residue of tires. Tiny bits of gravel stuck to his cheeks.

The moment passed. Jack raised his head, his face and hair now mixed with soot and sweat. His eyes watered with the noxious chemicals now released into the air.

The world wouldn’t settle or become clear. He was losing too much blood.

Jack tried to crawl towards the car. There was really no point, it was just instinct.

There was no car. Only a flaming collection of metal. And – perhaps – the remains of two bodies. It was hard to tell through all the debris.

At least it had been quick. Two more casualties, to add to the list.

Jack lost consciousness as he heard the screech of the approaching sirens.

A bystander must have called Emergency Services. I have to call Moss…

Jack last, fading thought was of Dubako. He hoped the general was still alive, and that the paramedics would get to him in time. That was what mattered.