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Posted in 24_fanfic

Title: The Business Trip
Author: marinw
Rating: PG for one swear word.
Characters: Jack/Audrey
Summary: Set just before Day 4. Jack prepares for a business trip to Los Angeles. What could possibly go wrong?
Disclaimer: 24 is the property of the Fox Production Company. I’m making stuff up to compensate for the lack of fresh canon.
A/N: Jack is capable of being happy.

With surgical focus
She stared at me and said
I'm willing to reach out
Get in to your head
And I will keep you
and cleanse you
She glared at me and wept
A change is not going to hurt you
Not this time
~"Surgical Focus" by Giuded By Voices

He still kept a gun in the top drawer of his desk. Some habits he just couldn’t break.

Almost every one else in his branch the DOD had left for the day, but Jack was still at work. In a concession to comfort he had removed his jacket and loseened his tie. Wearing a suit every day felt so different then his old uniform of jeans and Kevlar. Not wrong. Just different.

Jack reviewed the budget spreadsheet for what was supposed to be the final time, taking note of each expenditure. He actually liked working with numbers. He could have easily been an accountant. His father would have approved.

Helicopters. SUVs. Weapons. Mainframes. Astronomical health insurance preminuims. Jack hadn’t really given much thought to how much all those things cost since his own tenure as director of CTU.

“I can find my own fucking job.” Those had been Jack’s final words to Erin Driscoll. Soon he would be facing her again. That was going to be---awkward.

“Jack, it’s quitting time.”

Jack looked up from the monitor. Audrey was standing at the doorway of his office. The early evening sun illuminated her pale skin and blond hair.

“I’m almost done.”

“You said that half an hour ago.”

“You’re right, Audrey,” Jack relented “I can go over it again on the flight over.”

Jack put the computer in ‘sleep’ mode and stood up. Audrey was already standing next to him. He had noticed that Audrey had started wearing flat shoes so that they would be closer to the same height. He thought it best not to comment.

His hand went to Audrey’s cheek. Sometime ago he had put his wedding ring in his safe. They indulged in a slow kiss. When they were finished, they allowed their foreheads to rest against each other.

“This is nice.” Said Audrey.

“Yes, it is.” Agreed Jack.

She took his face in her long hands. “I’ve been thinking about your trip to Los Angeles. I could come with you.”

“But your father…”

“Don’t worry. There are plenty of legitimate reasons for me to go along.”

Jack thought of the time he had that uncomfortable conversation with Chase Edmunds. About how one of his subordinates dating Kim put him in a ‘tough position.’ Now here he was, at the Department of Defense, dating…his boss’s daughter. Jack knew he was being a hypocrite. He didn’t care.

This is different. I’m not out in the field anymore. My work puts Audrey in absolutely no danger, he rationalized.

“I know you’re nervous about returning to CTU.” Audrey said.

“That part of my life is over, Audrey. I’m only going to meet with Erin Driscoll to discuss the budget. I’ll only be at CTU for a few hours. A day at the most. But…I would like you to come with me.”

“Then it’s settled. Now let’s go out to dinner. I’m buying.” Audrey declared.

“Where are we going?” Jack asked.

“There’s a new Chinese place that’s getting good reviews.”

Jack smiled. “I love Chinese.”

Jack grabbed his suit jacket. Arm in arm, they left the office.