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posted in 24_fanfic

Title: Through The Glass
Author: marinw
Rating: PG but very angsty
Characters: Jack/Chloe
Summery: Day 8 AU. Chloe adapts to her new role of CTU HBIC. Spoilers for 8 x17.
Disclaimer: 24 is the property of Fox, curse their black, black hearts.
A/N: This was written for a 24'nmore challenge. The Challenge was to write an alternative ending for Day 8. Thanks to my beta cybertoothtiger.

The sedative had worn off quickly.

Still somewhat groggy, Jack still recognized the white paneled walls and the thick, clear glass in front of him.

He was in a CTU holding cell.

It was coming back to him: Cole had shot him with a tranquilizer dart as his team had caught up with Jack, the moment Jack had apprehended the sniper.

They trust me so little.

Jack was mildly surprised that he wasn’t in restraints and that he was lying face-down on a cot and not seated in a metal chair. There was even a pillow and a blanket.

So far, this was turning out to be one of his more humane imprisonments.

Jack got to his feet a little too quickly, ignoring the accompanying wave of nausea.

“Chloe!” He shouted.

The unsurprised guard sitting outside his cell touched his earpiece. “He’s awake, Ms. O’Brian.”


It took Chloe a few moments to make her way down from Hastings’ – no, from her - office and down to CTU holding.

Jack was pounding on the glass, shouting her name.

“I’m sorry ma’am,” the guard said. “We didn’t think he would wake up this soon.”

“If the doctor knew what she was doing she would have given Cole a bigger dose.”

Chloe knew that she was being unfair. It would take a detailed study of Jack’s very thick medical file to learn that he possessed a very high drug tolerance.

Too late now. Being in charge means never having to say you’re sorry, Chloe reasoned.

“Go down to Medical and get another syringe,” she snapped.

“But ma’am, how will we get the doctor to...”

“Just do it.”

The guard nodded and left the holding area. Chloe went over to cell. Jack’s palms were pressed on the glass.

“Chloe. Let me out of here. Now.” Jack demanded.

“Why? So you can go on some big revenge spree? So you can go all Tony on me? I couldn’t handle that.”

“You have the sniper in custody. I brought him in. Who’s conducting the interrogation?”


“Cole is a good agent, but he can’t get the sniper to talk. I can.”

She hated seeing Jack this way. Begging for the privilege of torturing Renee’s killer.

Part of her wanted to let him.

She would have almost preferred a full-on tantrum. She could have handled that. Prescott had given her plenty of practice.

No such luck. If ‘luck’ was even the correct term. She knew that Jack was going to try to goad her with his impeccable logic. Grief gave him a certain clarity.

“Dalia Hassan is a target. If Mrs. Hassan is killed, the blame will fall on you.”

“I don’t care.”

“You may not care about whether you keep this job. But you do care about the Peace Treaty. I know you do. The sniper knows something. I can get him to talk. Let me help. I’m begging you.

“No! Don’t ask me again. Please. Just don’t”

Dammit. Chloe could feel her voice shaking. So much for my impressive display of authority.

At that moment, the guard re-appeared with the doctor. The doctor was a small Asian women wearing a lab coat and holding a large syringe.

“Wait outside.” Chloe ordered the guard or the doctor.

Chloe turned back to Jack. He was wearing one of his most pained and intense expressions. She had seen that face before.

“You need me to do this,” Jack said.

“What I need you to do is shut up. Do you have any idea what you’ve put me through over the years? I had to go to your stupid funeral and keep my mouth shut when Audrey and Kim thought you were dead. Bill and I tried everything we could think of to try to get you out of China. I sat by your bed for days when you were in the hospital and you didn’t even know I was there. I did all that because I’m your friend. So I’m not going to let you destroy your life now.”

“That’s not your decision.”

“Yes it is. I’m in charge of CTU. I decide how to conduct the interrogations. You’ll go too far. I know you will.”

And look where that got Renee when she was interrogating Wilson, Chloe started to say and then stopped herself. She was finally learning how to edit her thoughts.

“I haven’t done anything!”

“Not yet.”

“You can’t hold me for something I haven’t done.”

“And you’re not going to do anything. A few days ago you told me that you wanted to go back to LA to be with Teri and Kim. You can still do that. It’s not too late.”

“Yes it is.”

“Not if I keep you in custody until this whole thing is over. The doctor is here with another sedative. I won’t make you take it but it would be better if you did. Because I don’t want to put you in restraints.”

She was that worried about him. And worried about her own ability not to succumb to Jack’s powers of persuasion. The guard would be even more susceptible than she.

And worried about her own ability not to succumb to Jack’s desire to get involved.

The guard entered the room, “Ms O’Brian, there’s a situation in Interrogation One.”

“Let me help,” Jack pleaded a final time. “I know you care about the Peace Agreement.”

“I care about you more. And I’m going to protect you whether you want me to or not,” Chloe turned to leave.

“You know I’m right, Chloe. Just think about it.”

Chloe stopped in her tracks.

She thought about it.